Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 2.9 10 354

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Michael Ironside as Colonel Haggerd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeffpk 5 / 10

So bad its good....

I really couldn't give this movie more then a 5.

The writing is stilted, the characters two-dimensional (if that) and the lead actress's primary qualities are...well... her primary qualities. She looks fantastic standing still with her mouth shut. Unfortunately her acting is awful and her stage fighting looks like a 10 year old playing "batman."

The makeup is amateurish, but the animation is okay and the CG frankly is surprisingly good, mostly demonstrating just how cheap and easy basic CG has become.

Over all it plays like a film written by high-school students, acted by first year college students and a porn star, with sfx done by mildly talented upper class college students. Despite all that, or maybe because of it, it has a genuine charm and appeal on the pure camp level. Sort of like the 60s Batman TV show.

If you enjoy camp, then go for it. But otherwise give it a wide miss.

Reviewed by danielbloome 1 / 10

Truly Awful

This show raises many questions and the first question would be how on Earth do these people get to keep making these movies when they are this awful?

The acting and writing are both garbage. I don't know where they are finding the actors for these movies but I can only assume they are putting an ad in the local Podunk, Ontario newspaper asking anyone with free time to just show up and bring whatever props and Halloween costumes they own.

Same thing for the writing. Is there a script at all? Is there a script that was written as a joke on toilet paper while the writer was taking a huge dump.

Was this movie produced as a joke or because someone lost a bet and had to? Is the fat comic relief guy supposed to be so annoying I want to punch my screen?

How in the world did they get actual famous people to make appearances in this?

The first movie was bad and this one is at least a million times worse. Please stop making these! How can they possibly be making any money?

Reviewed by wonderman1111 4 / 10

Double as Cheesy AND Twice as Strong as the First movie

Dark Rising 2 is without a doubt a great B Sci-Fi Fantasy movie through and through. Cheesy effects, pop cultural references and fun over the top violence and sex appeal. The story now takes more of a comedic spin on itself not taking itself really seriously and focusing more on goofy one liners and slashing and blasting demons with huge knives and laser guns. Brigiite Kingsley, Landy Cannon, and Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang brought a lot of new found humor to the movie. 'Nug' was without a doubt the funniest character with his portrayal of 'Bulo'. Surprisingly to me, I found myself really connecting with most of the supporting characters which is always a good sign of good writing. Dark Rising 2 seems to have a more clear understanding on what it wants to be and that is a cheesy B-movie about a girl in a bikini killing demons. So, if you're into a really cheesy and violently sexy movie Dark Rising 2 is definitely for you.

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