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Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 857

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Ryan Merriman as Dustin
Randy Wayne as Russell / Chad
Kim Hidalgo as Lacy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mritchie-874-156787 8 / 10

Cute and fun and Christmassy

Two sisters. Eve and Lacy, who are having a miserable Christmas season wind up living in a Christmas movie as all the cliches (mean boss, sweet grandma, handsome small-town guys, a Christmas festival that needs to be saved, romantic problems involving nasty ex-girlfriends) are rolled out to be gently mocked. I loved this cute holiday movie satire, which manages to be quite funny and also avoids being too snarky. Though it originally aired on UpTV, it's harmless enough that it could easily play on the Hallmark Channel. There are some story glitches but the actors, especially the real-life husband-and-wife team of Kimberly and Brant Daugherty, seem to be having fun and make the movie a delight. Brant Daugherty is especially good, walking a tightrope edge, balancing charm, whimsy, and non-threatening small-town masculinity. The sparkle in his eye helps to keep the slightly stalkery aspect of his love for Lacy in check. Some IMDb reviewers downgrade this for its "stupid" plot, but that's the point. The plot is silly and exposes the silliness of the more traditional Christmas romance movies. I had a smile on my face for almost the entire film and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Reviewed by kahast 10 / 10

I was NOT at all disappointed, il loved this movie!

This was a fascinating idea, to be trapped in a Christmas movie! It pokes fun at all the classic tropes but has it's own good message too. I was so pumped for this one and I was not disappointed at all!!

Reviewed by elrondaragorn-1 7 / 10

Seven is the highest I will go

I often nicknamed the Hallmark channel the harlequin channel. This movie made by one of their competitors, UP TV, makes fun of the trend of Christmas Romances that are the main feature in almost 80% of such movies set and shown at Christmas time, except the ones about commercialism and a reimagined Fantasy Santa with magic powers. This movie is clearly marked comedy fantasy, and in deference to those who thought that it wasn't done as well as it could've been or had no plot, I think they miss the point. The plot is making fun of Christmas movies,. IMD?B lists it as a comedy for a reason, and even the title and story line, much less the wooden acting they seem to be honing in on says loudly and clearly to me "this isn't meant to be taken seriously folks." I think the whole idea of a parody on Christmas movies shows that some writer in Hollywood still uses the brain they were given. If the makers of these kinds of movies can't bring themselves to show the true religious meaning of Christmas because of people who would complain about a movie being too religious, this is at least a refreshing treatment of a cliché theme in overly sappy sentimental romance at Christmas movies.

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