16 Bars


Action / Documentary

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 33

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Adrian_Breakspear 1 / 10

Total rubbish

Violent criminal felons in prison should be locked up and rotting away, not spending their days fiddling around with their raps in a makeshift prison studio. Most of these losers are in prison directly due to hip hop gang related turf wars in the first place, now you're giving them a platform to further voice their delusional antiwhite blatherings?! As if prison in America werent enough of a tax payer funded criminals summer camp as it is.. what a joke. Ultimately, the film is low budget bad production and sends the wrong message.. oh and the music itself? Absolutely awfully dreadful.

Reviewed by Adrian_Breakspear 1 / 10

N please.

The music industry is dead thanks to your hero obabama and his not only allowing of but endorsing (on the white house website no less!) pirates Daniel Ek and Sean Parker in their "create the virus (Napster/uTorrent piracy) - provide the cure (Spotify/Facebook streaming)" global destruction and takeover of the music industry. Today only the major label 1% funk fakin fresh faced posterchild ad click product sales data collecting influencer is making any money. the rest are all hobbyists at best making mediocre noise due to no budget and no time to create. the independent sector has been completely decimated by these crooks. meanwhile these crooks are taking home billions of dollars EACH in personal cash paydays every year! So why on earth are you now allowing and teaching convicted felons a dead end useless trade??? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They should be working to pay for their incarceration. Violent felons should have NO type of entertainment and the key to their locks thrown tf away. This film is a joke.. and the music? its laughable at best.

Reviewed by justjewdee 10 / 10

Shines a light...

This film shines a light on a system that needs to change and the hidden talent within that system. Everyone from the staff to the inmates as well as the producers of this gem film prove that change is possible!

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